Regenerative Medicine

With all the diseases besetting us today, people are looking for a gentle way to heal the health disorders. That’s the reason that the complementary health market of U.K. is expanding rapidly. With millions of adults using some form of holistic therapies, there is a growing demand of the practitioners in the domain; this is subsequently increasing the employment opportunities in both public and private sectors. Although becoming a medical practitioner in the herbal medicines area is quite an enriching and life changing process, but this is more fruitful if you attain a degree from the recognised university.

U.K. is a hub of such medical training centres proffering education and training in the domain.

The herbal medicine is the use of plants and their extracts to treat the health issues and improve the well being. Along with relieving the symptoms, herbal medicines also work on a deeper level to help the patients return to full harmony.

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Pre-Requisites For The Herbal Medicine Practitioner

The candidate must undertake an accredited BSC degree program. The entry into the accredited course needs a minimum of two to three A- levels, including one in biology. The common topics of the program include nutrition therapy, herbal preparation, plant cultivation and disease prevention.

The candidates may obtain the training after completion of degree programs in majors such as holistic health or Chinese medicine.

Certificate Programs

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The certificate programs in the herbal medicine are an additional advantage for the candidates who have already graduate or undergraduate degrees related to health science. But the certificate programs have different pre-requisite requirements which need to be fulfilled by the practitioners.

Program Coursework

Besides the basic writing, speaking and completing the basic business courses, herbal course program also comprises of alternative medicine concepts along with botanical and human sciences. The coursework may be comprised of:

Ayurvedic medicine Western herbalism Remedies in homeopathy Physiology Biosciences and herbalism Introduction to botany Plant identification Employment Outlook

As per the survey, the herbal medical practitioners are gaining an immense popularity in U.K. , because more people are now approaching towards it for a healthy life. Besides being a herbal medical practitioner, there are ample of other career options for a herbalists. A trained herbalists may even create a benchmark in the education sector; in fact, they are doing wonders in researches.

Besides healing the ailments, holistic therapies are proving to be a fruitful career option for the aspiring candidates. If you are also looking up for them, get in touch with the herbal medicine training centres and create a benchmark in the industry.

Stem Cell

All living things in this world, large or small, plant or animals, are made up of the same basic stuff – cell. In humans, there are nearly 200 different types of cells and within these cells, there are about 12 various kinds of organelles. All cells have different sizes and shapes as per their differentiated jobs. In this article, we will study about ‘Stem Cell’, which are the building blocks of blood and immune system in human body. They are significant yet masses have no or less information on its benefits in the treatment of serious diseases.

What are Stem cells?

They are the undifferentiated biological cells, found in the multicellular organisms, which have the ability to differentiate into other types of cells.

The role of Stem Cells?

It can help in repairing organs, tissues, and blood vessels and can also be used to treat various types of diseases. Furthermore, the stem cells have been used to treat several life-threatening diseases, such as – a wide range of cancers, rare genetic disorders, immune system deficiencies and blood disorders.

What is Stem Cell Banking?

The concept of stem cell banking is compared to saving money in the bank. Both can be used in the hour of need. Money helps you tackle financial troubles while in a case of stem cell banking, it can save lives. Banks store the cells derived from amniotic fluids for the future use.

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What is the source of Stem Cells?

Every part of the human body contains some stem cell. They are present in bone marrow, baby teeth, human embryos, fetal tissues, fat, muscles and circulating blood. But most of these are not enough rich source of to be harvested for therapeutic applications. The umbilical cord is one of the richest sources of cells. More than 30,000 umbilical code transplants have been taken place in last 25 years to treat people suffering from 80 different medical conditions.

Cost of Stem Cell Banking in Dubai

As per the officials, the culture of cord blood donation and preservation is getting popular in UAE. Expectant mothers are encouraged to donate cord blood cells or preserve them for the future. If we talk about the cost of stem cell banking in Dubai, donating cord blood is free of cost while for preserving cord blood costs Dh 9,000 flat for 25 years. DCRC (Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre) is the only government run center which offers the Stem Cell Banking facility.

However, in UAE there are a number of other internationally accredited private stem cell banking options available for the parents who want to preserve the stem cells of their child. But the cost of Stem Cell Banking in UAE is slightly more expensive. Cryoviva Gulf is one of the options to consider while opting for stem cell banking with private institute in Dubai and UAE.

Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. On average, 14% of men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. There is no single option that suits every man with prostate cancer. If the cancer is detected at its earlier stage and hasn’t spread past the prostate, the patients have several treatment options to choose from. In many cases, the localized prostate cancers develop too slowly to have any effect on your health or lifespan. Those patients might not need a treatment right away or ever. Instead, their doctors would recommend them to undergo active surveillance, where the progression of the cancer is monitored regularly. If it becomes undesirable, then the patients need to opt for prostate cancer treatment in Kansas City.

Older men would choose to avoid treatments due to many reasons. But healthy and young patients often go ahead to treat Prostate cancer in Kansas City. Experts believe that the surgical procedures, radiation therapy and branchytherapy have similar cure rates at the earliest stage of the prostate cancer. Choosing the right one for you is really hard. It has been complicated further by the rise of modern treatments like robot-assisted prostatectomy and proton beam radiation. They may appear encouraging but there is no long-term study on them.

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In Kansas City, Urology care is offered by many specialists. You can talk to them and find the best course of action for your situation. Here are some things to consider when you decide on a treatment for prostate cancer,

No all persons can handle the anxiety that comes with active surveillance/watchful waiting. If you are a person who doesn’t like to go through frequent follow-ups then it is best for you to undergo other prostate cancer treatments. Patients who want immediate results can choose to have surgery over radiation therapy. , This is because, you cannot know the effect of the radiation therapy for a while. Some people prefer newer technologies that have theoretical advantage over the older ones. However, most people put their trust on well-proven procedures where their doctors would have much more experience. Amount of time and money spent on the treatment are the topmost considerable factors for many patients. Each treatment has its own pros and cons. Weigh the possible risks and side-effects and choose what you are most comfortable with.

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This is a complex decision. So spend some time and select your course of treatment wisely.

Pain Help

As a culture, we’ve been conditioned to accept that joint pain and arthritis are natural signs of aging and are to be expected. Many people I talk with accept this and over time when their pain intensifies, they reach for ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with hurt. Many times I’ll see patients who will grow teary when talking about the activities they have stopped – like playing with their grandchildren, dancing, and sometimes even exercise.

Many things can lead to chronic joint pain – we have to remember that pain is your bodies’ way of sending a message – in this case, the message is that it needs help. Taking away the pain with a pill is part of a solution, but to really help your body, you’ve got to get to the root cause of the pain.

There are many types of joints in the human body – fixed, hinge, ball and socket and pivot. A joint is how the bones are connected to each other by ligaments. Muscles are attached to those same bones by tendons – and both the ligaments and tendons are surrounded by protective sheaths. Surrounding each joint is a fluid filled protective pocket known as bursae and within the joint, the bones have a protective lining made up of cartilage which helps the bones move over each other easily. If any part of the joint is compromised – through trauma, injury or inflammation, you will experience pain.

Find out why…

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Knee Pain?

Constant or severe hurt is an obvious symptom. Some of the other signs and symptoms of knee pain, which may vary depending on the ailment, include:

Pain, when you walkBusiness Management Articles, bend or straighten your knee Inflammation or swelling Instability Popping noise when you bend or straighten your knee Inability to straighten or flex your knee fully Stiffness Inability to bear weight on your knee Deformity

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Many patients report a decrease in joint pain when their hormones return to balance – for others, it’s just once part of the cause of their joint pain. It’s quite common for foods to be a factor in inflammation – and the impact on joint pain.

Asthijivak is one of the best miracles of Ayurveda that is the best option for muscle and joint pain. By blessings of Ayurveda, this miracle product is easy, effective and safe. There are no side effects experienced by the patients using this product. It is good for joint and muscle pain. It is a herbal oilFind Article, hundred percent effective. It is a better pain remedy produced of valuable and rare plant extracts seen in India.

Asthijivak is not only helpful in healing the joint pain but muscular pain as well. I applied it on my sore thigh muscles and the soothing effect was wonderful. This is surely a blessing from the sages for a healthy life. I will be using this often and am sure that my body will be in better health. I can now exercise without worrying about going over the top. I thank Ayurveda for sharing this old secret with the world and at such an affordable price.

Local Pain Doctor

Living in New York, back pain is common. The modern-day city lifestyle naturally puts strain on our health, and we are left with back pain as a result. There are many causes of back pain. However, one of the most common and unexpected cause is weight issues. Commonly, sufferers see a chiropractor in New York with a back pain complaint, when a weight loss solution is more appropriate.

What Steps to Take for Weight Loss to Alleviate Back Pain?

A practical solution is the long-term, healthy weight loss programme. As back pain can be the result of strain due to the sufferer’s weight, it can develop over time. Consequently, patients need to consider long-term lifestyle changes and reasonable diet alterations that can be maintained.

Harnessing the Power of Protein

Diet and nutrition play an important role in back pain.

The New York diet, which also predominates a large majority of the Western World, leads us to consume an exceeded amount of carbohydrates, and in some cases, reducing our intake of the required protein to nourish our bodies.

A careful increased consumption of protein holds the power to help us reach a healthier weight by naturally reducing body fat while retaining muscle mass in its place, which can alleviate back pain.

Back pain can be caused by the overexertion of the local muscles, particularly in the lower region of the spine, which shouldn’t be used. These muscles can compensate for a lack of strength in the core, which are required to hold our weight for a healthy posture that does not put strain on the spine.

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The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program for New York Back Pain

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is a weight loss solution that maximizes the natural health powers of protein. As Ideal Protein is a high biological value protein, the ideal quantity of protein can be absorbed in the body for optimal health.

You can take the Ideal Protein in supplement form at all times of the day, and as part of a meal. The program offers a variety of different meals for all the main meals of the day. They provide filling and energizing nutrition, without the need for carbohydrates. Due to the decreased amount of carbohydrates in this diet, it is ideal for individuals who suffer from Diabetes.

Other Benefits of Ideal Protein

Treating Cellulite

Because protein affects fat cells, Ideal Protein can detoxify fat stores and as a result, can help to shrink fat cells, can help to eliminate cellulite naturally.

Revitalize the Skin

High biological value protein can revitalize the skin because restores the nutrients required, that are usually foregone in the everyday diet.

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If you think that Ideal Protein could help to alleviate your back pain, it is worth making a visit to a NYC Chiropractor who can advise you about the best solution for you, and how to access the program safely for optimal results.

Online Doctor

But, what’s if it’s not an emergency? Wouldn’t you want confirmation that the treatment is the most appropriate one? What if the diagnosis is not correct? What if there are better alternative treatment options? What if you just don’t understand the diagnosis? So, before you schedule your surgery with the hospital, consider getting a second opinion by consulting another top specialist doctor – not an entry-level doctor, but a fully qualified, very experienced, super-specialist with top credentials. It’s not easy to find such doctors, let alone finding them online. So, where do you find them, and how do you go about it?

Today most people use Google searches to find out more about their health situation. There are several good websites such as WEBMD and NIH that provide a lot of health information. These sites do a very good job when it comes to describing the symptoms, and explaining the disease or medical condition. However, each person’s health scenario is different when they go to the hospital. Hence it is important to get a personalized medical opinion. One way to get a personalized medical opinion is to visit 2-3 hospitals, find a experienced specialist, get an appointment, and go for a consultation. However, this is tedious, costs lots of money, and good amount of time spent in traffic, and not to mention severe loss of work time. Fortunately, there are more convenient ways to get a second opinion. Now, one can get second opinion from online doctors and it is generally called online doctor consultation.

online doctor consultations are ideal when you are following-up with your doctor or when you need a second opinion from the top specialist in that medical specialty. Such consultations don’t require a face-to-face consultation or a physical examination. There are many websites that offer online doctor consultations through live Internet chat or on the phone. Such websites do offer second opinion services. The main problem with these websites is that they use general practitioners, entry-level doctors, or less experienced doctors (< 3 years) to provide the medical opinion. One can’t be sure with such medical opinions, as you are likely not fully informed, and can’t make a good decision.

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What you need is the wisdom and expertise of an experienced specialist doctor, but the convenience of getting that opinion without spending a fortune. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone already pre-selected a set of very experienced specialist and super-specialist doctors with no bias from a particular hospital, and provided the convenience of online consultation with such specialists? pinkWhale Healthcare Services has done just that. A panel comprising specialist and super-specialist doctors in various specialties have been selected from various clinics and hospitals. The online consultation is very simple to use, and you usually get a detailed review within 2-3 days. The second opinion from such top doctors will help you to determine the most effective treatment plan.

Pain Management

Pain management in Phoenix often includes the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). In fact, NSAIDs are the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States. These medications are also available as over-the-counter drugs under the brand names of Bayer, Advil, Motrin, Aleve and others. Given the high use of these medications, demand will likely grow. Although these drugs provide many benefits for pain management in Phoenix, they do not come without risk for certain patients. The Benefits of Using NSAIDs for Pain Management in Phoenix Although the bad news surrounding NSAIDs seems to dominate the discussion, many benefits exist. With any treatment, doctors weigh the potential benefits and risks. With some patients, the risks are minimized and the benefits strong. NSAIDs are an effective tool for pain management in Phoenix. They are especially useful for controlling inflammation. Conditions in which NSAIDs help alleviate pain include rheumatoid arthritis, gout, certain cancers, migraine headaches and menstrual cramps. NSAIDs often provide pain relief when given following certain surgical procedures and after childbirth. In addition, these medications have used to treat mild to moderate muscle pain. The best NSAID to use in any treatment for pain management in Phoenix depends on the individual. Some people respond better to one NSAID over another.

Since no NSAID has been proven to provide superior pain relief, individuals often try different medications to find the most effective one. The Risks of Using NSAIDs for Pain Management in Phoenix Very few, if any, medications have no potential side effects. Because NSAIDs are ubiquitous and available over-the-counter, some people have the misconception they are safe for everyone and in every situation. The fact is, some people may suffer serious side effects, particularly if they use these drugs over long time periods. The following shortcomings associated with NSAID use must be fully considered by all people seeking pain management in Phoenix:

Taking an NSAID is a simple solution to pain relief. However, it may mask underlying symptoms that require another form of treatment to heal. For example, osteoarthritic knee pain may not improve with NSAID use to the extent other treatment options might provide. Certain exercises and losing even small amounts of weight can make a dramatic difference in pain level with this condition.

Another example involves some tendonitis conditions. Because people associate inflammation with these conditions, NSAIDs become a popular treatment choice for pain management in Phoenix. However, recent studies show weak tissue instead of inflammation in these conditions.

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So, the best treatment may be therapy for the injured tissue. NSAIDs may have potentially lethal side effects in some people when they involve the cardiac, gastrointestinal and renal systems within a patient. Cardiac Dangers. All NSAIDs, except aspirin, can cause complications in the form of heart attack or stroke. Many studies have documented this risk. In fact, one study showed patients taking the NSAID Celebrex had a 2.3 percent chance of dying from a stroke or heart attack within three years. The placebo group, on the other hand, had a one percent chance. Although the Celebrex increased risk percentage may seem small, it is, in essence, doubling a patient’s risk. Long-term use of NSAIDs can raise blood pressure an average of five points. If a person already has high blood pressure or diabetes, this increase can have dire effects. NSAIDs also cause salt retention which further raises blood pressure in certain people. If a patient has congestive heart failure, NSAIDs should be avoided. Gastrointestinal Side Effects. NSAID use can slowly erode the stomach lining and cause gastritis. NSAIDs can also make peptic ulcer conditions worse. In each case, NSAIDs can cause internal bleeding and in some cases death.

The risk is much higher in people older than 75. To a certain degree, gastrointestinal side effects can be offset by using medications such as Prilosec, Pepcid or Zantac. However, patients should always consult a physician to determine the best use of NSAIDs and other medications for pain management in Phoenix. Kidney Risks. The potential harm to a person’s kidneys increases when people take high NSAID doses over long periods of time. The greatest risk involves people with pre-existing kidney problems or who take certain medications. For example, people who take medications that affect kidney function, such as ACE inhibitors and diuretics for blood pressure, should be very careful when using NSAIDs. Although NSAIDs carry significant risk in certain situations, they do offer benefits when used properly. Therefore, it’s important for patients to talk with their physicians about NSAID use for pain. After considering all treatment options, patients can make an informed decision about acceptable risk levels.

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Back Pain

The symptoms associated with back pain can prevent people from engaging in their day-to-day activities and the same thing applies to joint pain as well. When it comes to joint pain, some patients experience pain and swelling, even after taking medicines persistently. But, many people these days have realized that natural treatment for back and joint pain can be the ideal choice. Even though, natural herbal remedies will take longer time for providing relief, but they will provide permanent relief from the pain, as against other remedies that provide quick relief, but do not last longer.

Going herbal will bring benefits: When choosing herbal treatment for knee pain and also for back pain, patients can get not only the pain relief, but they can also get other benefits like those mentioned below.

Relief from leg cramps Muscle pain and gout Post operative aches Frozen shoulder or neurological issues Cervical spondylitis Muscle sprain.

This means that when the patients take herbal treatment for back and joint pain internally, they will get relief from all other pains in the body and this will happen even without their knowledge.

Specific area: When all pains in the body will go away from internal herbal remedy called as Rumatone Gold capsules, the external herbal remedy called as Rumatone Gold oil, when applied in the particular area of pain will provide excellent relief. As the patients take medicines both internally and externally, they can get better results. When it comes to external applicant called as Rumatone Gold oil, here are the ingredients that make things happen to the favor of patients by providing excellent herbal treatment for knee pain:

Saffron: This is the popular as kesar and it is added as an ingredient in Rumatone Gold oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties. When applied externally, it can reduce the swelling in joints and it is also known to provide excellent relief for back pain as well. When it comes to herbal treatment for knee inflammation, the role of saffron cannot be ignored for sure.

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Spikenard: With its botanical name as nardostachys jatamansi, this herb is known to be effective in relieving menstrual cramps in women. Generally, many women face back inflammation due to menstrual issues and it will also help in ovarian discomfort as well. It is effective in pain management, thereby forming part of treatment for back and joint pain.

Sesame seeds: The black and white sesame seeds are commonly called as sesamum indicum in botanical terms and Sesame oil is something stated to bring miraculous benefits for pain relief. That too when it is added with other ingredients like those mentioned below in Rumatone Gold oil, patients can get excellent relief from back and joint inflammation as well by applying this oil externally.

Recommendation: It is recommended that men and women looking for excellent relief from joint and back pain should use this oil along with Rumatone Gold capsules with the best herbal ingredients for obtaining the best results.

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Pain Doctor

Back pain is a problem which is very commonly found among people of all ages, races and gender. It was always thought that back pain was associated with old age. However we have been proven wrong. In this age of computers, it is quite commonly found in children and adults. Though in children it is due to the stress by carrying school bags or due to reduced physical activities, among adults it may be due to a host of other reasons.

Back pain can be caused due inflammation, swelling or poor posture in some of us. However the other reasons could be a very busy life, unnecessary and unwanted stress caused from problems in handling career and home, excessive traveling, sitting in same postures for long hours and reduced physical exercises. All the modern materialistic comforts of our lives have deprived us of being active and enjoying the active pleasures of life. Hence it becomes greatly important for us to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to stay fit and free of health problems.

Anatomically back ache can be classified as neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain and tail bone pain. These pains can be dull and nagging, constant, intermittent or chronic and can stay in one place or can radiate to other parts of the body. They can radiate to hands and arms or legs or feet accompanied by weakness, numbness and tingling.

Although we cannot classify back pain as life threatening, it is not advisable to ignore the problem. Back ache problems which are relatively small may grow to become chronic which may at times call in for surgery. A back ache which continues even after a week, should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Based on individual cases and the extent of the back pain doctor decide if the treatment is to be surgical or non-surgical procedure.

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Dr. Gupte’s Spine & Brain Clinic established in Pune are one of the leading hospital is dealing with cases in need of treatment for Spine and Brain problems. With state-of-art facilities which are highly advanced, the team of doctors who have many years of experience handling such cases and with an emergency and trauma center, is an outstanding facility to approach to for any neurological problems. With a dedicated and competent team of doctors and ICU to provide emergency services round the clock, the Spine & Brain Clinic has made a name for itself in the field of medical science through its innovative treatments.

Using the traditional methods of treatments like medication, exercise and plenty of rest, the MAX treatment at the Spine & Brine Clinic has accomplished amazing results in the chronic back pain patients who have been suffering with back ache for years altogether. With MAX, hopes have risen for such people who are continuously suffering with back pain. Treated with the intention of reducing the pains immediately in case of acute or chronic pain, the patients are then educated about the management of back pain through which they can return to their daily activities without the re-emergence of spinal aches anymore.

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Pain Clinic

If you go by the stats you will be surprised to know that more than 70% of the population does suffer from back and neck pain issues at some point in their life. Most of these back pain can be due to normal muscle stress, injury during any accident or sports if neglected they can grow as spine related issues. Lower back pain can be a cause due to spine related issues like, Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Disc, Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease. You may feel low back pain or upper back pain now both of them can be critical if neglected without proper treatment. Even if you get a hint of such issue consult your nearest back pain clinic in Noida or Delhi.

Upper back pain can be real discomfort, be it pain in chest area, shoulders or be it rib cage area which connects with spine, they can be discomfort factor. Though upper back trouble is not as common as lower back trouble but then this brief pain can be annoying. Please note that if the upper back trouble persists and you feel breathing problem, restlessness and extreme chest pain never mistaken it with normal back soreness syndrome it can trigger heat attack as well. Don’t treat yourself with your limited knowledge consult a medical professional immediately.

Lower back soreness on the other hand is very common and can turn out to be a considerable health problem. Typical lower back troubles can be due to bad sitting posture, long working hours, sleeping posture, rapture in muscles due to sudden bend while pulling any heavy utility or due to age factor. Treatment at early stage ensures quick recovery with complete fitness, more you linger such issues more it become critical. Many of us may try out the simple homemade remedies like taking complete rest for few days restricting any half hazard activity, apply hot and ice bags and see if it gets better, if the irritation persists then consult a doctor immediately. Physiotherapy clinic or back pain clinic in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi can easily help you with their expertise and suggest you best remedies.

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Physiotherapy works well in case of back pain as with regular exercise and proper physical therapy such pain can heal up quickly. There are several recognized Physiotherapy clinic in Ghaziabad, Noida and nearby areas that helps people suffering from back pain with routine therapy helping them to retain the strength, posture, activate muscles. Therefore in this fast paced life when you have hard stops every next day make sure you are active, fit and far from being troubled by back pain.

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