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But, what’s if it’s not an emergency? Wouldn’t you want confirmation that the treatment is the most appropriate one? What if the diagnosis is not correct? What if there are better alternative treatment options? What if you just don’t understand the diagnosis? So, before you schedule your surgery with the hospital, consider getting a second opinion by consulting another top specialist doctor – not an entry-level doctor, but a fully qualified, very experienced, super-specialist with top credentials. It’s not easy to find such doctors, let alone finding them online. So, where do you find them, and how do you go about it?

Today most people use Google searches to find out more about their health situation. There are several good websites such as WEBMD and NIH that provide a lot of health information. These sites do a very good job when it comes to describing the symptoms, and explaining the disease or medical condition. However, each person’s health scenario is different when they go to the hospital. Hence it is important to get a personalized medical opinion. One way to get a personalized medical opinion is to visit 2-3 hospitals, find a experienced specialist, get an appointment, and go for a consultation. However, this is tedious, costs lots of money, and good amount of time spent in traffic, and not to mention severe loss of work time. Fortunately, there are more convenient ways to get a second opinion. Now, one can get second opinion from online doctors and it is generally called online doctor consultation.

online doctor consultations are ideal when you are following-up with your doctor or when you need a second opinion from the top specialist in that medical specialty. Such consultations don’t require a face-to-face consultation or a physical examination. There are many websites that offer online doctor consultations through live Internet chat or on the phone. Such websites do offer second opinion services. The main problem with these websites is that they use general practitioners, entry-level doctors, or less experienced doctors (< 3 years) to provide the medical opinion. One can’t be sure with such medical opinions, as you are likely not fully informed, and can’t make a good decision.

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What you need is the wisdom and expertise of an experienced specialist doctor, but the convenience of getting that opinion without spending a fortune. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone already pre-selected a set of very experienced specialist and super-specialist doctors with no bias from a particular hospital, and provided the convenience of online consultation with such specialists? pinkWhale Healthcare Services has done just that. A panel comprising specialist and super-specialist doctors in various specialties have been selected from various clinics and hospitals. The online consultation is very simple to use, and you usually get a detailed review within 2-3 days. The second opinion from such top doctors will help you to determine the most effective treatment plan.