Stem Cell

All living things in this world, large or small, plant or animals, are made up of the same basic stuff – cell. In humans, there are nearly 200 different types of cells and within these cells, there are about 12 various kinds of organelles. All cells have different sizes and shapes as per their differentiated jobs. In this article, we will study about ‘Stem Cell’, which are the building blocks of blood and immune system in human body. They are significant yet masses have no or less information on its benefits in the treatment of serious diseases.

What are Stem cells?

They are the undifferentiated biological cells, found in the multicellular organisms, which have the ability to differentiate into other types of cells.

The role of Stem Cells?

It can help in repairing organs, tissues, and blood vessels and can also be used to treat various types of diseases. Furthermore, the stem cells have been used to treat several life-threatening diseases, such as – a wide range of cancers, rare genetic disorders, immune system deficiencies and blood disorders.

What is Stem Cell Banking?

The concept of stem cell banking is compared to saving money in the bank. Both can be used in the hour of need. Money helps you tackle financial troubles while in a case of stem cell banking, it can save lives. Banks store the cells derived from amniotic fluids for the future use.

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What is the source of Stem Cells?

Every part of the human body contains some stem cell. They are present in bone marrow, baby teeth, human embryos, fetal tissues, fat, muscles and circulating blood. But most of these are not enough rich source of to be harvested for therapeutic applications. The umbilical cord is one of the richest sources of cells. More than 30,000 umbilical code transplants have been taken place in last 25 years to treat people suffering from 80 different medical conditions.

Cost of Stem Cell Banking in Dubai

As per the officials, the culture of cord blood donation and preservation is getting popular in UAE. Expectant mothers are encouraged to donate cord blood cells or preserve them for the future. If we talk about the cost of stem cell banking in Dubai, donating cord blood is free of cost while for preserving cord blood costs Dh 9,000 flat for 25 years. DCRC (Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre) is the only government run center which offers the Stem Cell Banking facility.

However, in UAE there are a number of other internationally accredited private stem cell banking options available for the parents who want to preserve the stem cells of their child. But the cost of Stem Cell Banking in UAE is slightly more expensive. Cryoviva Gulf is one of the options to consider while opting for stem cell banking with private institute in Dubai and UAE.